Mandates take away local choices

Published 9:34 am Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Definition of policy: a course of action adopted by a government, party, business or individual.

In today’s world we have to have a policy for everything; bullying policy and weapons policy are two examples. But in my opinion they take away the ability for the people in responsible positions to use common sense.

Example: The school board at United South Central made a recent decision on its weapons policy. I am sure board members were told we have to follow the policy and thus their vote. Common sense in the past would have said if this happens again there will be a suspension.

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The result of the policy decision is that this young person has had to go through an emotional nightmare that could have been easily handled by the administration, school board and parents and never made public.

Now we have a bullying policy mandated by the state, and I am sure we will read about situations similar to the USC issue.

These mandates by state and federal governments are designed to take control away from local officials, because they know what we need to do.

P.S.: I was very pleased to read the editorial by the Albert Lea superintendent stating that bullying should be handled by local officials and not mandated by a state law.


Russel Tordoff