Savick spoke up for Freeborn County

Published 9:31 am Friday, May 23, 2014

I’m writing today to thank Rep. Shannon Savick for her hard work to include additional funds to complete a project in the Outdoor Heritage Fund bill (HF1926) that passed the House and was recently signed into law by the governor. As the chief author of the bill, I listened to Rep. Savick and was able to make the case to the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council to approve the additional funds.

Throughout the process, Rep. Savick was diligent in making sure I knew the value of the Shell Rock River Watershed District project. That is why $700,000 was recommended and appropriated to complete the project. The LSOHC has supported the project in the past and endorsed spending the funds to finish the job.

The Outdoor Heritage Fund is supported by the Legacy Amendment that passed in 2008 to preserve Minnesota’s history and cultural heritage. Part of that heritage is found in our natural resources around the state. As someone who grew up  on a farm in Freeborn County, outside the Shell Rock River watershed, it’s great to see a local representative speak up for the needs of the Freeborn County area. I’m happy to work with Rep. Savick in the House, and I hope you will thank her for her hard work in support of the watershed project.

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Rick Hansen

state representative

District 52A

South St. Pau