Updating Your Office Space

Published 11:34 am Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Catherine Buboltz

Catherine Buboltz

Ask the Expert by Catherine Buboltz 

Creating an office space that is organized and appealing can create an environment that is professional and fosters efficiency.

These steps for an office update will show you how to create an office space in which you can both appreciate and work.

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Clean up

The first step is to clean up and organize your area. Determine what files, books and equipment you actually need to perform your job. Often your office can be filled with items left by previous occupants and are of little use to you. If you have items you do not need, begin the process to de-clutter. Check with management about purging or storing these items elsewhere.


Once you have eliminated the unwanted clutter, use caddies, bins and trays to organize the items that remain important to performing your job responsibilities. There are many affordable and attractive options made of various materials such as decorative metals or sturdy, stylish fabrics.

These items can be coordinated to create a certain style for your new updated office look. It is important that your desk is free of clutter. If you have a printer on your desk, consider moving it to a small table that compliments the new look of your office and frees up space on your desktop.


What’s your style?

Whether your style is contemporary or traditional you can create a work environment that fits your personality and is functional.

First, talk to your supervisor about painting your office in a neutral tone that both fits your style and is complimentary to the rest of the office. Take into consideration the flooring, furniture and size of your office when deciding on paint colors. Paneling and wallpaper are common coverings of days gone by. Paneling can be painted and often creates an interesting texture to the office. Wallpaper and borders should be removed when possible but can be painted over if removing is too difficult.


Make the ordinary extraordinary

Update items in your office with easy and inexpensive changes. Something as simple as fashionable door pulls can update the look of an existing desk or file cabinet. A common cork bulletin board can be covered in attractive wrapping paper, textiles or spray-painted to create a clean look.



Now, on to the fun and most personal part of updating your office, decorating! You want to be careful not to add clutter back into your office. Look for one or two special items you enjoy and add them to your office environment.

It could be a favorite vase purchased on a memorable vacation or a piece of stylish artwork to hang on a prominent wall in your office. Wall decals with a motivational message can also be a great addition to your new look. Changing window treatments or adding a fun lamp can change the ambiance of your office. Anything that makes you feel good about the space you are working in.

Remember, it is important to discuss changes to your workspace with the company’s owner or manager prior to making changes. Use this opportunity to not only create a work environment you enjoy, but also to get rid of clutter and organize your work space to help you work more efficiently.


Catherine Buboltz is the advertising director for the Albert Lea Tribune.