Savick proved her mettle in St. Paul

Published 5:15 pm Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Legislature wrapped up its legislative session only a few weeks ago, and it is important to celebrate our legislators’ accomplishments while they are still fresh in our minds.

From the bonding bill 27A investments:

• $7.5 million for dredging Fountain Lake

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• $700 thousand to build a dam to keep carp out of Albert Lea lakes

• $400 thousand for the Blazing Star Trail (build a bridge over Albert Lea Lake)

• $1.7 million to Riverland’s Albert Lea campus for building

• $300 thousand to Blooming Prairie for infrastructure to new minimizer plant

In addition She got a bill passed that gives all volunteers (firefighters, emergency medical technicians, first responders) in 10 counties, including Freeborn and Faribault, a $500-per-year stipend for three years. This is a pilot program that will determine if this stipend helps recruiting and retaining of critical volunteers.

I’d like to applaud Rep. Shannon Savick for her dedication to improving District 27A.

Please join me in my support of her this November. She is a strong advocate for our district and will continue to look out for the people of southern Minnesota.


Arthur A. Anderson

Freeborn County DFL Party

Albert Lea