Top 10 things to miss about Albert Lea, Minnesota

Published 10:10 am Thursday, July 3, 2014

More than Broccoli & Jogging by Susie Hulst

Some may already know, but last Friday was my last official day as the sports and fitness director at the Albert Lea Family Y.

Susie Hulst

Susie Hulst

The decision my husband Weston and I made to move back to our home state of Iowa is bittersweet. We have both made unforgettable relationships and started wonderful careers in the last four years that will be very hard to leave. However, we believe moving closer to family will be well worth it.

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In light of this life-changing decision, I wanted my last article to step away from the fitness topics and feature some of the highlights I’ve experienced as an Albert Lea resident. So here is my top 10 list of what I will miss most about Albert Lea.

10. Minnesota talk. Aww, for fun! For cute! For neat! Can coolies. (My fellow Iowans know them as coozies). Motor- sickles, not motorcycles. Hot dish. Uff-da!

9. How the population of Minnesota towns is listed on their signs. It’s the little things.

8. Plaza Morena and the fajita super burrito.

7. How caring Albert Leans are for their fellow citizens. If there’s a benefit for a friend or family member, be prepared for everyone and their dog to show up. How cool.

6. For this one, I am speaking for my husband, not me. He will miss the abundance of snow and, therefore, the popularity of snowmobiles. For the last two winters my very small garage and yard has turned into a hillbilly-ish antique snowmobile collection. I haven’t been able to park in my garage for some of the harshest winters in recent history. Thanks, Minnesota. Thanks.

5. My Blandin Community Leadership classmates. This last September, I had the opportunity to attend a leadership retreat with other leaders of the Albert Lea community. It was so cool to be in the same room with people who cared so much about the community and its wellbeing. These people role modeled to me what a community leader looks like, and I will carry this onto my new career and community.

4. The Albert Lea Public Library! My son and I made weekly trips to check out books and movies. There is so much selection and so many resources. If you live in Albert Lea and have not been to the library, you are definitely missing out! On a side note, I’ve incurred many late fees. They will probably miss my frequent financial contributions after I leave.

3. Our friends. The many nights spent with our couple friends as our children played together will be cherished. You will have to come visit!

2. Our day care provider, Angie Hallum. The piece of mind she has given me and all the love she has showered over my son is so greatly treasured. She has set the bar very, very high as we search for new child care. Angie, can you just come with us?

1. And my most favorite thing about Albert Lea is, of course, the YMCA. The YMCA family widely opened its arms and has given me a place where I have felt welcomed and valued. Especially as someone new to town, not knowing a single person, the Y very quickly integrated me into the community and made me feel welcome. The friendships and the YMCA members will be forever stamped on my heart. So, thank you to the YMCA for all you have given me.


Former Albert Lea Family Y Sports and Fitness Director Susie Hulst has taken a job handling marketing and enrollment at Kuemper Catholic Schools in Carroll, Iowa.