Congress wastes additional time

Published 9:42 am Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I can’t believe the way these far-right pinheads like to come on the Tribune’s letters to the editor and blast my letters. I had a letter published July 9 and today is July 11. I have over 40 comments on my letter already.

These pinheads obviously think they are going to get my goat but they should know by now that they are not my first rodeo. I busted a few broncs in my life and tamed a few wild women. It doesn’t take me long before I have them roped, hog-tied and branded.

They now wear the brand far-right pinheads. They can’t be too smart because you know they all voted for George W. Bish the second time he ran and you all know how that turned out. Now we have Barack Obama as the president who has tried to do more for the middle class and the less fortunate than any other president in recent times. What he says now is I’m the one doing my job you must be the other guy. He was talking to that do-nothing Congress.

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That do-nothing Congress that voted themselves a raise and were against raising the minimum wage and extending unemployment for those people that lost their jobs for no fault of their own.  I say when a congressman raises his own salary that that salary shouldn’t go into effect until after the next election. That way they will have to do something to get re-elected.

Lately those Republicans have been talking about impeaching Obama. Why do they want to impeach a person who is trying to do something and they don’t do anything. Would you hire someone that does nothing but cause problems for you? I think not. I hope this fall the voters will remember what these do nothings did or I should say didn’t do. Those raises they gave themselves certainly weren’t  merit raises.

By giving themselves raises and refusing to raise the minimum wage is a good example of what the Republican party is all about. They only want to give welfare to the filthy rich is what is so obvious.


Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea