It is not easy to live with faith

Published 9:31 am Friday, August 15, 2014

Across the Pastor’s Desk by David Hernes

Many times, it is not easy to live by faith. To be convinced that the unseen world is as real and valid as the seen world. To believe that we humans are spiritual beings. To see the hand and heart of the Creator in the smallest and largest realities. To believe in miracles and mysteries. To hold to the viewpoint that this world has an origin, a destiny and a purpose.

David Hernes

David Hernes

It is not easy to believe in the goodness of creation and God in the midst of so much suffering. That good will triumph over evil. That light will defeat darkness. That truth will prevail over falsehood. That love is stronger than hate.

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It is not easy to believe in forgiveness. To accept forgiveness, many times when we need it the most. To forgive ourselves. To pass it along.

It can be very difficult to believe what we Christians believe and claim. We believe that a man named Jesus came to Earth to heal our broken relationship with god. We believe that by his death on a cross, he reconciled us with our Creator. Christians believe that “by his wounds, we are healed.”

Many times it is not easy to live by faith.

Could it be even harder to live without it?


David Hernes is a retired pastor from East Freeborn Lutheran Church in Albert Lea.