Miller is the right man to face Walz

Published 9:16 am Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Editor’s note: This letter was sent prior to the Tuesday election and after the Thursday letters deadline.


Aaron Miller is the person I am supporting to be our next congressman from the 1st District of Minnesota.

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When our government was conceived by our founders, the idea was to send a person who is one of us, a person who lives and works in our region of the state, to represent us in Congress. This person would participate on our behalf in discussions regarding the role of government in the lives of citizens and help us to access departments and agencies when our personal or work lives require us to do so. This person would participate on our behalf in the crafting of new, or changes to existing, rules and laws that would enable all of us Americans to live, work, and prosper due to our initiative and hard work in a safe, secure and fair way. In addition, this representative would participate in our governments interactions with other countries and their citizens.

I believe that Aaron is the best person running in this race to fulfill this role for us. He is a family man who lives and works full time in this district. He understands the daily challenges of being a father and husband in today’s society and in our region. He works in the private sector, just like most of us do, and understands what it means to go to work every day and prosper in correlation to his skills, effort and attributes. And he has served in the armed forces both at home and in hostile environments and has a unique understanding of the role of our military and the challenges our military personnel and veterans face in this very difficult time. Aaron is one of us, and is the best person in this race to represent us in the 1st District.

I believe there is too much politics in our government and those representing us. While Aaron is doing what is necessary to win this race, raising money and attending events all across the district so people can get to know him, he is not a political person. He embodies the principals of representation in our government that I believe our forefathers intended. He will work respectfully and honorably with members of Congress from all parts of this great country on our behalf.

Aaron is working very hard to earn our support in his quest to be our representative in Washington. He has earned mine, and I hope you’ll join me in voting for him on Nov. 4.


Randy Demmer

business owner

former state representative