Minnesota Democrats get F’s for grades

Published 9:25 am Wednesday, August 27, 2014

With over 300,000 illegal immigrants entering U.S. in recent months, many as children, the immigration issue is of concern to many.

To find the truth on how each state’s congressional leaders vote on immigration issues, you may want to check the website Numbers USA.com.

Go to NumbersUSA.com and click on the “Congress” tab. Then click “Report Cards” and then click on your state. You will now see senators and reps listed by grade A through F. If you clicked on Minnesota, you will see our senators and reps including Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Her grade is F. You can then click her name to find specifics on how she has voted. Under “Reduce Illegal Immigration at Border,” she gets an F-minus.

You can then click on that to find how she voted on specific legislation. In 2013 she voted against an amendment (by Paul) to increase border security and also voted against amendment (by Lee) to ensure effective control at border. Those votes and others are noted with specifics.

Don’t make assumptions, get the facts before you vote. For what it’s worth, Democrats Klobuchar, Al Franken and Keith Ellison all got F’s while Republican Michele Bachmann got an A-minus. No country, regardless of type of government, can allow it’s borders or laws to become porous. Once that happens, you have chaos.


Tom Jacobson

Albert Lea