Numbers, rankings can be anything

Published 4:00 pm Saturday, August 2, 2014

The most recent column by state Rep. Shannon Savick says Minnesota’s economy is on the right track. If you think taxpayers and small businesses are an ATM, claiming government spending is an “investment” to disguise spending and spending at unsustainable levels, then, sure, you are a Democrat and will claim our economy is on the right track.

Unemployment is down, sure, but that can go down for a number of reasons — unemployment doesn’t count the millions no longer looking for jobs, it doesn’t count the underemployed and it certainly doesn’t count those who are working part-time and temporary jobs, all of which are part of this new “success” that Savick is trying to sell you on.

Income taxes went up, property taxes went up, sales taxes, the cost of doing business went up (taxes, minimum wage, insurance) all while Minnesota families and businesses are still struggling. Billions of new taxes on the backs of Minnesotans and we are supposed to pat the Democrats on the back for that?

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Cherry-picking facts in an election year to sugarcoat the uncontrolled spending and bureaucracy in Minnesota is downright dishonest. So while Savick uses one Forbes ranking, does she also tell you that Forbes lists us as 34th in business cost ranking? South Dakota was first, North Dakota third, Iowa eighth and only Wisconsin lower at 35th? Did she tell you that the 2014 State Business Tax Climate Index from Tax Foundation Minnesota is 47th out of 50? Does Savick tell you that we rank 47th in individual income tax rates, 35th in sales tax and 33rd in property taxes? We are dead last in ranking on estate/inheritance taxes levied. (The state taxes you after you’re dead, too.) In the Rich States-Poor States Economic Outlook Index, Minnesota is 46th out of 50. The last ranking by Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council had Minnesota dead last.

Do you think you are not taxed enough? Do you feel the urge to open your wallet to more taxes, more spending and more government in Minnesota?

That is basically what Savick is asking you for — to send her back to St. Paul to spend more, to feed the beast we call government spending and bureaucracy. Most of us want the government to stop over-regulating, spending and taxing us to death (and after). Forget priorities, forget making government work harder and smarter; what the DFL and Rep. Savick has shown is that they will just take more from you, your business, your opportunities because … they can! It’s time to tell those in allegedly representing you in St. Paul that you have had enough!

David Anderson