The budget needs to be balanced

Published 10:21 am Thursday, August 21, 2014

Today the U.S. and Minnesota suffer from failed policies in a messy world. Our current U.S. president has talked of change and we need it! He should balance the U.S. budget by sending health education and welfare back to the states to handle with no strings, but with block grants consistent with a balanced U.S. budget. We need less federal regulations and regulators!

U.S. migration policy needs to be legal, limited and privately funded for legal immigrants and refugees only. Secure borders and a limited guest worker plan are needed.

A new Minnesota U.S. senator, Mike McFadden, and U.S. representative, Tim Hagedorn, can be a big help for U.S. reform. Our current U.S. president needs to deal properly with the messy international situations now!

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Minnesota suffers from big government, and we need a study on why South Dakota has no income tax and seems to get new firms including many from Minnesota. The best choice to replace our current Minnesota governor is Jeff Johnson.

Peggy Bennett has spoken well on reforms needed in Minnesota and we need to elect her as our representative. She will help Minnesota people deal with the burden of taxes and regulations in Minnesota.


Tom Schleck

Albert Lea