Savick mailers assail opponent

Published 9:51 am Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I am definitely not a supporter of state Rep. Shannon Savick, but I have not thought of her as a mean or dishonest person. Her campaign tactics are causing reconsideration of my opinion, however.

Her campaign against candidate Peggy Bennett is off on the same track as her campaign against then-incumbent Rich Murray two years ago — dishonest charges and misrepresentations which have no basis in fact but seek to smear her opponents early in the campaign. The mailings expressing these positions are sent out by the DFL Party or an independent committee, but no one should be fooled. They are part of a slick, expensive campaign to re-elect a reliable DFL Party vote to retain DFL control of the Minnesota House of Representatives. I understand the goal. How about pursuing it honestly?


Paul Overgaard

Albert Lea