Savick worked hard for Dist. 27A

Published 9:44 am Friday, September 12, 2014

One of the things I like most about Rep. Shannon Savick is this: She knows how to handle money. She knows how to balance a budget.

When she was the mayor of Wells during the really tough times a few years ago, she cut her own salary to help balance the city’s budget.

In the past two years as a representative, Shannon worked with Gov. Mark Dayton and other House members to return the money that had been previously borrowed from our schools. Our area schools are much better off for it.

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She worked with the House to put $150 million in a rainy-day fund to protect us from further economic crises and from ever borrowing from our schools again.

Our budget is balanced without any shut downs or gimmicks.

Rep. Savick has done more than talk about balancing budgets; she has done it again and again. And that is one reason why Rep. Shannon Savick deserves to be re-elected and returned to St. Paul to represent us. She understands that government must spend within its means.

So please recognize her for a job well done and vote for her in November.


Barbara Engelbretson

Albert Lea