Clearing the air on an investigation

Published 5:00 pm Saturday, October 25, 2014

I would like to respond to Danny Park’s letter to the editor from Thursday in which he recounts my investigation into the theft of his property in Freeborn County.

During the investigation, no evidence was left behind at the scene. Mr. Park had information that his property could be located in Kensett, Iowa. I contacted the scrap dealer in Iowa and also contacted the Worth County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the possible possession of stolen property. I was able to identify a suspect who had possession of the property in Iowa but could not confirm they had actually stolen the items in Minnesota. I made contact with the suspect and located an item that resembled one of the items reported stolen from Mr. Park but could not confirm that it was his as it had no identifying marks and was a common, popular item.

I called the manufacturer of the item and confirmed this information. The suspect claimed he owned the item and it was not stolen and was cooperative in a search for that item and his other property. No other items were located. I spoke to the Freeborn County Attorney’s Office about my findings and evidence and it confirmed there was not enough evidence to charge the suspect for theft in Freeborn County or enough to confiscate the possible stolen item.

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I explained to Mr. Park the crime of theft could not be proven in Minnesota and I could not charge someone in Iowa for possession of stolen property because I did not have jurisdiction in Iowa. (Although I do not have jurisdiction in Iowa, I can, and frequently do, travel to Iowa for investigation purposes and will continue to do so.) I then contacted the Worth County Sheriff’s Office and forwarded my reports to them for the prosecution of possession stolen property. I was told the matter would be charged in Iowa. Sheriff Bob Kindler did in fact contact me about the complaint and agreed there was a lack of evidence to support criminal prosecution in Minnesota.

I called Mr. Park that same day with this information and he stated he understood and did not need to speak to Sheriff Kindler about the incident.

In regard to Mr. Park’s statement that I “didn’t want to look like a fool,” those words were in response to his suggestion that I lie to the suspect and tell him that there were camera footage of him although there was not.

What you may or may not know is that Kurt Freitag wanted the promotion to the investigator position that I got, and that is what is behind the attacks on me personally and professionally and why he is out soliciting complaints against me.

Apparently there is nothing Kurt Freitag won’t do to get a vote. Join me in voting for Bob Kindler.


Marc Johnson