Kindler has made office efficient

Published 9:38 am Thursday, October 30, 2014

As Election Day comes closer, words from a September Opinion Page column written by Editor Tim Engstrom come to mind: “Do voters elect the best candidate? Of course not. They elect the best politician.”

We don’t need a politician in charge of the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office. We need a leader, a sheriff.

On Nov. 4 we have the opportunity to speak up by voting for the people we want to represent us. I hope all people with the right to vote turn out and make this election second to none. There is more to an election than just voting! We need to know and be educated on the people running for office.

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Sheriff Bob Kindler was first elected four years ago in a landslide fashion. He promised accountability, controlled spending and restructuring for the Sheriff’s Office. He has worked hard and accomplished all this and much more making the Sheriff’s Office more efficient and has saved thousands in the budget.

Deputy Kurt Freitag is talking about a budget he admits he doesn’t know how to handle. He brags of his credit rating as a good reason to trust him with a $6 million budget.  Freitag says his leadership is better than any, which he learned as a noncommissioned officer in the military.

I thank him for his service as well as all veterans. I have never served in the armed forces but have family and many friends who have. We all agree if a subordinate behaves and talks the way deputy Freitag has, through this campaign, to and about a commanding officer, he would be dealt with swiftly and appropriately in the military courts and he wouldn’t have much to command any more.

Apparently his leadership isn’t what he brags it to be.

We all need to be an informed voter. Review the qualifications of both candidates and cast a knowledgeable vote.

I know both candidates, I’ve listened to them campaign, state their positions and qualification.

I ask you to vote with me and put Sheriff Kindler in office for another four years to control spending, hold persons accountable and advance the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office into the future.

I will be voting Bob Kindler for Freeborn County sheriff.


Chuck Malepsy

retired 30-year veteran
of Freeborn County
Sheriff’s Office

Albert Lea