Renting Senate space cost more

Published 10:23 am Monday, October 13, 2014

I wanted to clarify my comments I made in a recent forum about the Senate Office Building.

While discussions about the building do date back to before my time in the Legislature, the project was finalized over the last two years. In the 2013 tax bill, I voted for funding for the planning and architectural design of the building. However, the details of the building and final approval were handled by the Rules Committee, of which I am not a member.

Despite its use as a divisive issue by Republicans, the long-needed and long-supported renovations of the Capitol require new space for Senate offices, as well as extra space for the public to attend meetings.

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The House Rules Committee did look at other options — such as permanently leasing space in multiple buildings throughout St. Paul. It was determined that these options were more expensive and less workable for the public to participate in its government.

I wanted to clarify my comments to make sure there wasn’t any confusion.


Shannon Savick

state representative

House District 27A