Savick favors guns? Don’t believe it

Published 9:37 am Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rep. Shannon Savick had a letter to the editor recently wanting to set the record straight on guns. In February 2013 during gun-control hearings before the House Public Safety Committee, Rep. Savick never asked a single question or made any comments. Not once did she stand up for law-abiding minnesotans. In fact, Rep. Savick walked out on the committee during the same gun-control hearings on HF 241, which would have banned common hunting rifles, introduced universal background checks, limited magazine capacity and banned so-called “assault-style” rifles. She was also in favor of HF 237, which introduced universal gun registration.

Minnesota has become a targeted state by anti-gun groups led and funded by billionaire Michael Bloomberg. The groups have pledged to spend $50 million in an anti-gun campaign. If you value your Second Amendment rights, hunting, target shooting, sport shooting and self-defense choose wisely this November at the polls.


Jason Haroldson

Albert Lea