Savick gets and spends out of area

Published 4:14 pm Saturday, October 18, 2014

Who is Shannon Savick really representing? All you need to do is follow the money to clearly see where her priorities lie. If you would take a look at what Savick has reported year-to-date on her campaign report you will find that over 83 percent of her total receipts have come from outside her district.

In fact, not a single large donor (required to be reported) resides in her district. Savick’s money is coming in droves from the following states: California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, North Dakota, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia and Washington — as well as Minnetonka and St. Louis Park.

Let’s not forget about the $5,500-plus coming in from political action committees and lobbyists. This pushes her total receipts over 90 percent from outside interests. As for her expenditures, well, she doesn’t like to spend money in District 27A either. Eighty-eight percent of her expenditures are going to St. Paul, Minneapolis and Marshall. This should be extremely alarming to ALL voters in District 27A.

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Does she have our priorities in mind? The numbers don’t lie — the answer is no! It appears she has plenty of other backs to scratch before ours. How is she supposed to support and represent our district when all of her priorities are in the metro and out-of-state?

The level of ineptitude Savick displays is suffocating. She can continue to be a puppet for all these outside interest parties or we can change direction. We have the opportunity to send a well-respected leader who has the interests of District 27A as their top priority to St. Paul. Join me in voting for Peggy Bennett in November.

Jon Murray

Albert Lea