Darcy Sime photography exhibit opens at Albert Lea Art Center

Published 11:00 am Saturday, November 22, 2014

“Sunrise on the Buffalo National River” by Darcy Sime

“Sunrise on the Buffalo National River” by Darcy Sime

An obsession with nature

For Darcy Sime, she’s always loved nature.

Sime, a photographer, has always been inspired by the outdoors. Now a selection of her nature photography is on display at the Albert Lea Art Center.

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Sime’s show opens today and runs until Dec. 24 and features some of what she believes is her best work.

The photographs showcased are nothing particular, Sime said, but she feels they are a good representation of what she’s done.

Some of the photographs have won contests or been published. Several of her photographs have been in “Capture Minnesota.” One of her photos titled “Catwalk” was in the September issue of “Popular Photography.”

Sime, a Target shift supervisor, got her first camera when she was 12 — a Kodak Instamatic 110. After she had children, she took a break from photography.

Ten years ago, digital photography started to get popular and Sime started back up with her art, and she said it progressed into an obsession.

“I am out there every single day taking pictures,” she said.

All of the photos in Sime’s show are from the past three years as she feels like her work has progressed as she’s continued with photography.

While the Alden resident has been in shows with other photographers before, she’s never had a show of her own.

The Albert Lea Art Center contacted Sime for the show. Tom Mullen, with the art center, said many people have seen Sime’s work and he’s been to one of her workshops.

When the art center had an opening they decided to contact Sime to see if she was interested in a show. Mullen said anyone who enjoys nature photography would be interested in this show.

“You can’t miss this one,” he said.

Sime’s photos feature scenes from all over the country. She has a picture of a bison from the Badlands in South Dakota, a river in Arkansas, northern lights in Alaska and horses at Grand Teton National Park.

She also has photos taken at Myre-Big Island State Park, her garden and the Alden area. Sime said she’ll take pictures anywhere.

Sime considers herself a wildlife and nature photographer as those are the two main subjects of her photography, but she also enjoys to take pictures of pets.

She also likes to utilize different weather in her photography — her photos feature things like storms, sunrises, the northern lights and fog.

Looking to the future, Sime said she wants to keep progressing in her art. Getting to be well-known was never her main goal, but she wants to share the beauty of what she sees.