Did DFL import its supporters?

Published 3:38 pm Saturday, November 1, 2014

Have Democrats lost their way?

Over the last two months we have seen whether someone has character or not. I’ve been getting mailings in which the Democrats have said Peggy Bennett is going to starve kids, take Medicare from senior citizens, want businesses to take over and want women to pay more for health care.

When the governor came to town, they brought many of their own people from the Twin Cities with them so that it would look like they had so much support. They now tell us that, if you’re a Republican, you’re just plain selfish, hate people and will sell out everyone just to make a buck. You need to ask yourself, why would they completely lie just to get elected?

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The Democrats of old had integrity and would have never sold their soul just to win. It used to be both Republicans and Democrats who really wanted the same thing. They just had different ideas on how to get there. What we are seeing now is winning by scaring people has become mainstream for Democrats.

I don’t mind anyone pointing out how a politician voted and explaining why they would be different, but this win-at-all-costs attitude really concerns me. It’s time to vote against these type of tactics. Please consider who you vote for, because if this type of politicking is rewarded you will continue to get more of it.

Clayton Petersen

Albert Lea