Why not hire, not elect, the sheriff?

Published 9:47 am Monday, November 3, 2014

In light of past and current sheriff races I have what I think is a pretty darn good idea. I propose that the sheriff should be hired instead of elected.

Requirements for the job might include: four-year degree or better in law enforcement with additional training in management and finance. Applicant should be expected to make additional education and training a priority. He or she should provide references and there must be extensive background checks and required psychological testing.

The applicant would be interviewed by a committee that might consist of: representatives of local and county citizens, city and county government representatives, law enforcement personnel from other counties who have no ties to the community or applicant and representatives of local law enforcement.

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Outcome: End to nasty, back-stabbing, contentious, discouraging local sheriff election.

Just an idea …


Pat Palmer

Albert Lea