Officers shot at city building OK, gunman dead

Published 9:29 am Tuesday, January 27, 2015

NEW HOPE — Two police officers who were shot by a gunman inside a suburban Minneapolis city building are expected to recover. 

Two newly sworn-in officers and others were shot at Monday night as they left a New Hope City Council meeting. Two officers were hit, and others returned fire and killed the gunman, Hennepin County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Mike Carlson said.

The injured officers are in good condition at a local hospital, Carlson said Monday night. It was not immediately clear whether the officers hit were the new ones.

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The sound of at least six gunshots outside the council chambers can be heard on a video recording of the council meeting, which was still ongoing.

City Council member John Elder, a police officer, is seen on the video drawing his handgun and shouting at others in the room to take cover.

“Get down! Get down! Everybody get down!” Elder shouts.

Someone else in the room can be heard saying, “That went right through the door. Somebody got shot.”

City Council members can be seen taking cover behind the desk.  Elder points his gun at the chamber door.

Council members were later escorted to safety. Carlson said authorities are not seeking any other suspects and did not identify the gunman or disclose a possible motive.