There must be respect for the law

Published 11:53 am Thursday, January 8, 2015

On Dec. 30, Crystal Miller wrote an article about the law on the Opinion Page of the Albert Lea Tribune.

It certainly would be good if everyone obeyed the law, but we don’t. Some people violate what may seem to be simple laws. Traffic laws for instance: speeding, failing to stop for a stop sign, failing to yield right of way. These laws may seem simple, but failure to obey them may lead to loss of life.

So what does a normal person do when the red lights are behind them and he or she is caught violating a traffic law? Well, that normal person pulls over to the side of the road, stops and waits for the officer. Because a law has been broken, there are consequences. Now that person will possibly receive a ticket.

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As a civilization we need law and order. We need people to keep that law and order. There are people out there who justify to themselves that it is OK to commit a crime. They just don’t want to suffer the consequences of getting caught. In that process those people run and fight to get away from being caught and prosecuted.

So if something happens during the event of getting caught and someone dies, parents and family want to know why their family member has died. It seems the question that should be asked, but isn’t, is this: “Why did my family member/friend/neighbor do this thing that caused the police to apprehend that person?” If he or she would have not done that illegal act in the first place or at least stopped and given up. The end result would not be so tragic.

To make the situation even worse, a group of people start rioting and protesting and causing more turmoil. What does the rioting prove? Nothing. For me it just shows more lack of respect for the law and those who enforce the law.

Then some feel that shooting a police officer is the answer. It seems they justify shooting another person. Does it bring the previous offender back to life? No. It makes me wonder. Why do some people have such a lack of regard for life?


Roger Panzer

Albert Lea