Examine the price for our system

Published 9:33 am Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Entrepreneurs recognizing human needs created ways to satisfy those needs. Few begrudged them their profits. When the natural market was saturated, producers had a few choices: they could invent something new, retire or they could try to sell existing products to people who really didn’t need them. If the latter was chosen, the relationship between participants changed. Customers were no longer people to be served but objects to be manipulated. Salespeople recognizing that they were hyping products of marginal utility sacrificed their morals for sales commissions. Laborers, recognizing that the products were unnecessary, lost pride in their work. Products were cheapened for a mass market devaluing the workers skills.

If the manufacturer was successful he would cooperate with other manufacturers to control prices. He could use his wealth to isolate himself economically and geographically from the social and environmental consequences of his activities. The owners could use the corporate structure and employ professional managers further distancing themselves from the responsibility. Their wealth could be employed to influence government to obtain subsidies, protective tariffs, etc. Now corporations are writing investor protection provisions into contracts that hold host countries liable for any action host countries take which would interfere with the profit stream flowing from a proposed investment. These provisions could forestall environmental protections, labor legislation, taxation, etc. (corrupted governments can cede sovereignty to multinational corporations placing citizens in bondage)! Don’t such actions explain 9/11?

Our economic system affects the way we view ourselves and each other. Ad men pursue us every waking hour. Family members are sold different lifestyles. When individual member’s expectations are unmet, they question their importance in the family structure and importance of the family itself.

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Please examine the price you pay for our economic system. How much will you pay for our economic dominance? Can you afford it? Will you offer your children to defend it? Will you try to tame the beast?

John E. Gibson