Get to work fixing real problems

Published 9:25 am Monday, March 23, 2015

I am sick of Republicans. There I said it. It’s no secret you are only a RINO if you don’t want to repeal Obamacare, officially Affordable Care Act, ACA. But what the GOP is doing to pretend they’re not trying to repeal it in Minnesota is ridiculous.

One bill in the Legislature wants to move MNsure into the federal exchange. Interesting, since they figure the Supreme Court of the United States will rule against subsidies in the federal exchange. This is truly cynical. Many Americans, including this writer, depend on those subsidies.

The other dastardly ploy to screw poor Minnesotans is a bill to move people from MinnesotaCare to MNsure. This would essentially get rid of MinnesotaCare. Thousands of Minnesotans rely on MinnesotaCare because they can’t afford even minimal insurance premiums.

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What both of these bills, if passed, would do is force emergency rooms to take these patients and they will turn the costs over to the counties/states to pay. Who do you think will pay for those costs? Us the taxpayers.

The ACA has been so successful, even more successful than even President Obama could have envisioned. Millions of uninsured Americans are now insured. Republicans, stop the cynicism and get to work fixing real problems that afflict Minnesota.

Peggy Bennett, I implore you to vote against both of these bills. I’m sure the Senate will not pass either bill, but even if they did, Gov. Dayton would veto them. Let’s end the posturing and get to work solving the real problems.


Patti Kimble