Are you ready for some road construction?

Published 3:47 pm Saturday, April 4, 2015

Portions of I-35, Hwy. 65 slated for overlay projects

Several significant road projects are slated this summer on major thoroughfares in the area.

Most notable for Freeborn County residents will be the mill and overlay of U.S. Highway 65 from Main Street south to Interstate 35 and the concrete overlay of I-35 in the southbound lanes from Ellendale to Albert Lea.

The mill and overlay of Highway 65 is an extension of work completed downtown two years ago. It has not yet been announced whether the majority of the road will stay four lanes or whether it will be reduced. Many of the same amenities will continue down to Front Street from North Broadway.

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The following is a complete list of the area’s summer street projects:

Albert Lea street projects

Neighborhood improvement project

• Bituminous overlay, reconstruction, miscellaneous and total curb replacement, miscellaneous sidewalk replacement of streets

• Jefferson Avenue from Front Street to Madison Avenue, Court Street from Adams Avenue to Washington Avenue, Washington Avenue from Front Street to the Union Pacific Railroad one, College Street from Adams Avenue to Washington Avenue, Mill Street from Euclid Avenue to Washington Avenue, Oline Drive from the west end to South Broadway, Bel Aire Drive from U.S. Highway 69 to the south end, Sykes Street from Y.H. Hanson Avenue to the east end, wastewater treatment plant roads

• May to Aug. 28

• Open to traffic most days

• Project out for bid

State aid street overlay project

• Bituminous overlay, reconstruction, miscellaneous and total curb replacement, miscellaneous sidewalk replacement

• Vine Avenue from Abbott Street to Fountain Street, Clark Street from West Avenue to 186 feet east of St. Mary Avenue.

• May to Aug. 28

• Open to traffic most days

• Project out for bid

Lakeview Boulevard

• Removal of existing pavement, repairs to existing utility infrastructure, storm drainage improvements, multi-use path construction and reconstructing the roadway to meet state aid and federal aid standards

• Lakeview Boulevard from Abbott Street to Wedge Street

• May to November

• Closed to traffic during majority of project

• Project at state for review and approval

Virginia Place and Fifth Street

• Reconstruction of portions of Virginia Place and Fifth Street

• Virginia Place from Fifth Street to Seventh Street, Fifth Street from Broadway to St. John Avenue

• July to November

• Closed to traffic for majority of project

• Cost not released

 Sanitary sewer and water extension

• Construction of a sanitary sewer lift station, water main, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and bituminous and gravel street to service the new St. Johnn’s Lutheran Community on Fountain Lake

• May to November

• Open to traffic except when working on West Edgewater Drive

• Estimated cost $1.58 million

Milo Avenue

• Replacement of the sanitary sewer forcemain from the sanitary sewer lift station

• Near the intersection of 19th Street and Milo Avenue

• July to October

• Open to traffic

• Presently designing project

Fountain Street lift station

• Installation of larger capacity pumps and associated piping to decrease the chances of flooding and sanitary sewer backups in the West Fountain Street area

• April to June

• Detour will be in place

• $239,500

Freeborn County road projects

County Road 29, County Road 30

• Recondition cold in-pace recycle, bituminous overlay and aggregate shoulders

• From the western county line on County Road 29 to County Road 6, County Road 30 from State Highway 251 to County Road 35

• $3.2 million, Ulland Bros.

County Roads 5 and 13 in Glenville, County Road 31 in Clarks Grove, County Road 42 in Myrtle

• Mill and bituminous surfacing

• $778,000, Ulland Bros.

County Roads 5, 12, 22 and 26

• Seal coating

• County Road 5 from County Road 18 to State Highway 251, County Road 12 from County Road 17 to County Road 46, County Road 22 from Interstate 90 to County Road 25, County Road 26 from County Road 13 to County Road 46

• $346,000, Scott Construction

Minnesota state highway projects

Projects in Freeborn County and around the region

U.S. Highway 65

• Bituminous mill and overlay, replacement of sidewalk and driveway approaches, replacement of guardrail, storm sewer and culvert repairs, sidewalk improvements including brick pavers, trees, tree grates and decorative street lighting, traffic signal replacements

• From Highway 13 south to Interstate 35

• May to September

• Three-week detour then long-term lane closures, short-term ramp closures at I-35

• $5.3 million, Ulland Bros.

Interstate 35

• Replace bridges and reconstruct pavement on northbound lanes

• Owatonna

• May to November

• Head-to-head traffic on southbound lanes, northbound ramp closures, delays

• $19.2 million, Mathiowetz Construction

Interstate 35

• Concrete overlay

• Southbound lanes between Ellendale and Albert Lea

• May to July

• Head-to-head traffic on northbound lanes, southbound ramp closures, detours

$16.9 million, Shafer Contracting Co.

Highway 109

• DM&E upgrade to gates

• Broadway in Alden

• Dates to be determined

• Traffic impacts to be determined

• $275,000, contract not yet awarded