Continue helping the community

Published 9:12 am Thursday, April 2, 2015

Last week a letter was mailed from Senior Resources announcing the end of the RSVP project activities in Freeborn, Martin and Faribault counties. Apparently there is some confusion as to what this means for our active volunteer community.

Starting in July of 2015, Senior Resources will be collaborating with other nonprofit organizations to create a more encompassing, inter-generational volunteer center in Freeborn County. This new center will create a broader base of volunteers that will add support to a variety of programs and services in our community.

Volunteers are so important to our community, and many service organizations depend upon them for the good work they do. If you are a volunteer now, please continue the strong relationships that have been developed through the various RSVP programs and continue looking for ways to develop volunteer leadership in the future.

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If you deliver meals, continue to do so. If you participate in a Bone Builders program, keep going. If you help students with their reading or volunteer at the library, please don’t stop. Wherever you are volunteering, keep it up — your community needs you!

Thank you all for leading with experience.


Pat Garbisch

RSVP acting director

Senior Resources of Freeborn County