Dayton faces obstacles in construction finance plan

Published 9:21 am Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ST. PAUL — As Minnesota lawmakers return to St. Paul, Gov. Mark Dayton is delivering them a list of public works construction projects that would require state borrowing.

Dayton was set to outline his bonding bill today. But it’s going to be an uphill fight to get one enacted this year.

House Republicans said they’re not inclined to pass such a bill this year. Any borrowing plan must originate in the House and requires a three-fifths majority to pass.

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Dayton is moving ahead anyway and describing his package as a “jobs bill” because it would get projects in the pipeline that would keep construction crews busy.

While the line is occasionally blurred, lawmakers traditionally wait until election-year sessions to pass big construction packages for civic centers, college campuses, prisons and the like.