Remembrance in Bike-A-Thon

Published 10:21 am Monday, April 27, 2015

Every year when the Bike-A-Thon was in process, there was a person who was Ms. Bike-a-thon. We are talking about Elaine Larson of the Alden area. She was secretary/treasurer with the South Minnesota React Team and co-chairwoman of the American Cancer Society Bike-A-Thon.

Elaine was very articulate in the process of getting volunteers for the Bike-A-thon. What is the Bike-A-Thon? It is a yearly event that takes place in Freeborn County. A 100-mile bike ride with six food stops scattered throughout the route. The route also has many volunteers helping on various intersections, providing safety and communication to the bike riders. Amateur radio personnel ride the route to provide safety and communication to other amateurs on the route.

Elaine Larson got deeply involved by calling volunteers for their yearly spots or recruiting new people to help out. She was always concerned if you were not at that spot. She would call you on your whereabouts and was concerned if a spot was not covered.

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A volunteer would call her, or she would call a volunteer, and the response would be, “Good morning,” regardless of the time of day. There would always be a chuckle and a response of, “You goofball.” She loved to have fun with everyone. Elaine will be greatly missed by Bike-A-Thon personnel, members of the Southern Minnesota React Team in Albert Lea and all the people she touched in many different ways. We know you are watching us, knowing we are continuing your appreciation for volunteers. God bless Elaine Larson.


Leland Johnson