Thanks for coming to daughter’s aid

Published 9:29 am Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our family went through an event recently where we got the call no parent wants to get — that our daughter was in a car  accident. I thought it was a fender-bender by the school, and when I made it to the scene it was not what I was expecting. The reason I am writing this letter is to express our sincere thank you to the individuals at Carpenter & Co. in Albert Lea who made the emergency call quickly and comforted my daughter in her terrified state. This is a company that in conversation I found out had a safety committee and deals with first responder training to some degree. Travis and I are so glad there are people who were so quick to respond and so willing to help her. Thank you Dan Rasmussen, Paul, Tom and Lisa Besser (the girl in the green sweatshirt, who Rachel mentioned a lot and wanted to meet) who held her still and talked to her until emergency staff came, and the rest of the staff at Carpenter who helped that day. You made a huge difference.

Also, thank you so much to the emergency responders: ambulance crew, fire department, police and, of course, Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea for our daughter’s care and your thoughtfulness to all of us. You all helped us through a difficult time.


Angie Reichl

Albert Lea