Bennett listens to constituents

Published 9:21 am Thursday, May 7, 2015

It’s nice to have legislators who are listening to what their constituents want when it comes to fixing our roads and bridges.

Gov. Dayton and the Democrats are clearly out of touch with what Minnesotans are saying. Nobody I talk to is interested in paying for a gas tax, especially when the state has a budget surplus.

I am so glad that Rep. Peggy Bennett voted in support of a plan that puts money back in our pockets, rather than taking more away. Minnesotans have been pressing legislators to find the best way to fix our roads and bridges, all without raising taxes, and Rep. Bennett and the rest of the Republican House members have done exactly that! Now we just have to get the Senate and the governor to realize how much better this approach is for Minnesota families!

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Henry Savelkoul

Albert Lea