Bennett worked diligently in session

Published 2:08 pm Saturday, May 30, 2015

I want to thank Rep. Peggy Bennett for all of the work she has done this year in the Legislature to support our schools. Peggy has been a teacher in Albert Lea for 33 years and was my daughter and granddaughter’s first-grade teacher. I know Peggy well. She cares about our children and our schools.

Rep. Bennett worked hard to bring legislation that makes sense for our schools. She authored a bill that will reduce the over-testing our schools are experiencing and a bill to help bring teachers to rural Minnesota to teach in shortage areas. She fought hard for a bill that will bring more equal funding between metro and rural schools.

Peggy Bennett also worked hard to support the bipartisan funding bill that went through the house this session. This education bill will increase funding for K-12 schools and early learning programs by $400 million and will provide a 3.5 percent increase for our schools over two years.

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I am inspired by Peggy’s devotion and glad she has heard our voices on this legislation. She understands the impact this funding will have for our schools and that’s why she fought so hard.

I thank Rep. Bennett for voting yes on legislation that will help our Minnesota schools and our community!


Julie Hendrickson

Albert Lea