Parents should be a positive example

Published 9:31 am Friday, May 1, 2015

I am an African-American citizen.

Many people are stating that the riot in Baltimore is because of race and gang membership. I do not agree with this. If any people were to be attacked by authority, they would fight back to prove their legitimacy. I do believe that all comes from the parents. I am an only child between two states. One parent is in a metropolitan area and another is in a small town. I was back and forth with visitation between parents since I was 4 years old. Growing up I was pressured to join four different gangs because of security and no siblings. Because of my upbringing by my parents, I made the right choice and walked away, and have become a successful caregiver and human rights advocate. So I am asking all parents to be an example: Take responsibility for yourself and your children, teach discipline, peruse education and work ethic.

By the way, I’m a white citizen.

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How did you stand when I first stated I was African-American?

Now how to you stand when I tell you I’m white citizen?


Codi Hanson

Albert Lea