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Published 4:08 pm Saturday, May 9, 2015

City Council, it’s not too late to appeal the vote for all parks to be non-smoking. Please deny this action. Ask the people, may we hear from them. Our parks belong to the people to enjoy. So many do as they are great and well-cared for. Some people smoke. It’s a personal decision, and to do this in fresh air is the best place. Personally, I do object to those who say, “You can’t smoke.” Grandpa and dad smoke at a family picnic; others hike, fish and visit. Probably all walks of life and retirees. The boss, secretaries, staffs and citizens of many types smoke by choice. We carry our own ashtrays, smoke in a park and enjoy a cigar. Now — if special considerations are a factor (i.e. fire hazard, children’s playgrounds or in a park building), then post “no smoking” only in special places. Do this on a park-by-park basis, and post it accordingly. Being arrested is also unkind. Let us hear from the people. Please ask them, Vern. Thank you.


Dick Paul

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Albert Lea