Who is watching out for taxpayers?

Published 9:32 am Friday, May 1, 2015

I have to ask again, who is looking out for the taxpayer? The recent article about the city manager trying to justifying the new position of assistant city manager was lacking some information.

His statement that the job was justified by eliminating the position finance director and city planning director might be true. Two people who did live and work in Albert Lea left employment. What was not said was that two consultants replaced them, and we paid approximately $150,000 between the two individuals. The assistant city manager added another $80,000 on top of that, and that money left the city since he did not live in Albert Lea.

Must be some kind of new math because I do not see the savings.

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The population is shrinking, the taxes and fees are increasing. Maybe some of the rest of you should start asking, “Who is watching out of the taxpayer?”


Craig Havener

Albert Lea