Bike rodeo was a ‘huge success’

Published 10:17 am Monday, June 29, 2015

Thank you to all who helped with the 2015 Family Bike Rodeo.

We gave away 45 used bikes, 130 bike helmets and many certificates for children who participated in the agility course. I would estimate with all the parents and grandparents who attended we had approximately 200 participants. We ran out of bikes after the first hour and almost all the helmet sizes so next year we need to collect about 75 bikes and order even more helmets.

Combining the Bike Rodeo with KATE’s used bike giveaway was a HUGE success! It created a very fun and diversified event where families and kids wanted to hang out! The pool parking lot was the perfect venue, and the weather of course was fantastic. Combining it with Just Play gave both that event and the bike rodeo added value. I think we have really hit on a winning combination that seems to be exactly what the community wants.

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Ellen Kehr

organization lead 

Blue Zones Project Albert Lea