Minnesota Energy Resources clarifies billing questions for customers

Published 9:50 am Thursday, June 25, 2015

When Minnesota Energy Resources recently purchased the natural gas assets of Alliant Energy, the company sent letters to the new customers explaining the transition process.  However, based on customer inquiries, there is still some confusion for new customers.

“We tried to let the customers know what to expect when we acquired their accounts,” said Rory Lenton.  “It looks now like we could have communicated better because both companies are getting calls from customers who received their final bill from Alliant and then several days or a week later, got a mailing from us that was just a statement of the balance Alliant showed on the day of the sale.  I guess to some customers it looked too much like a duplicate bill.”

Lenton said the confusion is generally just for customers that paid their final Alliant bill after the account had been transferred to Minnesota Energy.  Lenton said that it could take up to 60 days for the money to be transferred to Minnesota Energy and properly accounted for.

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“Customers should rest assured that even if their first real bill or two from us shows a balance from their Alliant account, if they paid it they’re fine,” said Lenton.  “If a balance is still showing after a couple months, though, the customer should give us a call at 800-889- 9508 so we can sort things out.”

Minnesota Energy Resources apologizes for the confusion.