Minnesota should learn from South Dakota

Published 9:24 am Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Minnesota’s current governor claims to be great on basic public education, but he has a lot to learn on education and transportation.

Right next to Minnesota is South Dakota, which has no state income tax! South Dakota’s per capita government spending is much less than Minnesota! South Dakota has some of the lowest spending of any state on public education as well as higher education.

South Dakota students score high on education results — why? Most of South Dakota has sober, two-parent hetrosexual parents who reflect values of thrift, hard work and self-starting. If four counties in South Dakota that show high rates of single parents and substance abuse were deleted, South Dakota students would be close to the No. 1 spot in all of the United States while its government spends less. Learn Minnesota, learn!

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Minnesota’s governor has been weak on support of Minnesota private and home-schooled students who do best at lesser costs! Our Minnesota governor needs to learn a cost-effective education plan that responsible parents — supported by churches, private charter schools, society, etc. — can foster better education. Results at lower costs, not more regulations or spending! Parents are responsible for their kids!

In Minnesota we see state troopers earn the same in Orono or Ortonville, but high school English teachers do not. (Do private sponsors pay all costs of noncitizens in Minnesota? Why not? Can costs be curbed?) Much education reform is needed.

Why is Minnesota seeking to spend $40 billion, which is a big increase in just five years. We need a Minnesota governor who can learn to do more with less and to get good results like South Dakota. Plus no forced fees for teachers.

Let us thank our Minnesota House for seeking to educate our Minnesota governor.


Tom Schleck

Albert Lea