Who steals flowers from cemeteries?

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, June 17, 2015

This letter is for the creeps, the low-life, the scumbags who steal flowers from the graves of our loved ones.

We put planters on our parents grave at North Round Prairie Cemetery as did friends of ours on their families graves as well.

Last Saturday morning when we went there to water, all of our flowers, as well as several others were gone — a total of five planters.

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What kind of people steal flowers from cemeteries? Do you have no conscience?

A few other questions for you. Did you go to the garden center and decide they charged too much? Did you put our parents’ flowers on your parents’ grave? Or are they beautifying your home flower bed? Or did you set up a roadside stand in your front yard and sell them “cheap”?

So we may not know who you are, but someone up above knows and is watching and so are we. Do you sleep well or do you do your best work at night?


Paul Nagel