Local Humane Society nearing capacity

Published 10:10 am Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Humane Society of Freeborn County has been full to the max with cats and dogs the past week.

Last week, three dogs were found in a ditch, four kittens were found in a taped-shut box, two kittens were found in a dumpster and an adult cat was found left in the rain near the shelter. The shelter has only two cages left for dogs while all the cat cages have been filled to capacity.

Dee Amberg

Dee Amberg

“A lot of the time it’s desperation, not always that people are mean-spirited toward animals,” said volunteer Dee Amberg, of the dumping of household cats and dogs. “It’s very sad. It’s very disturbing, abandoning your pets like that. It’s like leaving your child in a hot car.”

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With more than 40 adult cats and kittens, the shelter has been trying to promote the adoption of cats. To do this, the shelter has been holding a $31 special on adult cat adoptions.

Also, the shelter has wanted to encourage the adoption of two cats. They will hold a special on adopting kittens through the month of August. The adoption of one kitten will cost $30 while the adoption of two kittens will cost half the bill, $15.

Amberg said that litter or cage mates have always been a good idea when adopting two cats. This is because they will already get along and all they have to do is adapt to their new environment together. When cats have companions, many behavioral issues can be taken away, she said.

The shelter will also hold two programs for adopters and their cats. Once they are notified, the shelter will give a discounted spay and neuter program for outside or inside cats.

All of these programs will make easier access for adopters to get their cats the right attention, Amberg said.