Silent majority needs to stand up

Published 9:23 am Monday, July 13, 2015

How can the Confederate flag be a historic treasure for Minnesota and cost a firefighter in Minnesota his position in the department? If the price to be paid for displaying the flag is to be fired or forced to resign, then Minnesota’s government needs to be held to the same standard.

Minnesota displays the Confederate flag that was captured during the battle at Gettysburg as a trophy honoring the Minnesotans who participated in that battle and captured the flag as a result of their bravery. If the state holds the Confederate flag in such high regard, why should an individual be chastised for displaying the very same symbol? We the people need to rally and stand up for our fellow citizens and stand by their sides just like the brave soldiers who went to Gettysburg to capture that flag. A poll was taken concerning the actions of firefighter Nielsen, and the conclusion was that the majority of the viewers agreed with his actions. What has happened in this country where free speech is suppressed and the minority agenda is forced on the silent majority? It’s time the silent majority gets off their backsides and stands up for what once made this country great. Democracy is majority rules as long as the majority is heard, stands up and is heard. I would think this should resonate with every fire department, veteran and any organization that claims to be about civil liberties and freedom.

If we allow one historic symbol to be taken away, then we need to allow those same people to take away every other historic symbol they see fit. Let’s start with the offensive Minnesota state flag.

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Steve Eisenhauer