Support rescues, give an animal a chance

Published 9:34 am Monday, July 27, 2015

I am a softie when it comes to animals. I admit I wasn’t always this way. My heart breaks when I see all the posts on Facebook and the stories in the news where animals are being abused. It broke my heart to give up Sam, my faithful pooch, because I was ill and couldn’t take care of him and the doctors thought he could be part of the problem.

Finding I can handle cats was a blessing and by accident I acquired my hefty male cat, Boris. On purpose I found Natasha, so Boris would have a companion. They give us many hours of pleasure, laughter and acceptance.

There is nothing more relaxing than watching them in the morning as they scope out the birds outside my window, or listening to them purr when they cuddle up next to me. There is nothing more annoying than being woken up in the middle of the night by a cat nose in my face, and a shyster thinking it is time for me to wake up, yet when I don’t have that interruption I miss it. Yes, I love my shysters, as I call them, because they are in trouble much of the time.

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I met Laura this week. Laura is a beautiful big black and white female cat that immediately trusted me, kissed me on the nose and cuddled up to me and let me spoil her. She is the cat of a special friend and this friend is going to be sharing her life with someone that is allergic to the cat. My friend must find a new home for Laura. Laura has lived with this friend for five years, since Laura was a baby kitty, and it is very hard for my friend to give her up.

I would love to adopt Laura but the person I share my house with thinks two cats are enough, so I am helping look for a home for Laura. After having known a loving home all her life a shelter and a kennel may be too hard for Laura too handle. My soft heart can’t imagine how either Laura or her owner  are going to feel.

For people who are not pet lovers it is hard for them to believe our pets become our family. These furry family members accept the good, the bad and the ugly in their owners. Pets forgive sooner than humans. They listen when no one else will. Pets are a captive audience and understand how we feel. When either my husband or I are sick or not feeling well, we have one of our furry babies to comfort us.

There are many pet rescues in the southern Minnesota area. I would urge you to support them and if you are looking for a pet, adopt one. My furry babies are quirky, fun and loving. Adopting them was a decision I don’t regret. I always want more. My  characters in my books have many pets and I would love to own more, but I know with my soft heart I could become the cat lady with too many cats if I don’t limit myself.

Help me give Laura an inside home. She is 5 years old; litter-trained, declawed, has her shots and loves the Vikings even though she lives in Iowa. We are willing to travel a little to find her a good home. If you can give Laura a home, you will find my information at the bottom of my column. You can find her picture on my Facebook page, blog and author page.

Studies have been done stating owning a pet can be good for your health. I know when I am freaking out over something unimportant, I always have that four-legged friend reminding me to calm down. I am always laughing at their antics. Natasha is the best door opener ever. I wonder if I can teach her to cook. Of course, Boris would eat the food first.

Help me find Laura a home. Support your local humane society and pet rescues. Those furry babies deserve a good chance at life. Look into their eyes and you will see animals have feelings too. It will be a decision you won’t regret.


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