Glenville-Emmons’ new art teacher hopes to bring new clubs to the school this year

Published 10:11 am Thursday, September 17, 2015

GLENVILLE — Glenville-Emmons School District’s newest art teacher Christine Wik brings with her a desire to create new opportunities for students at the school.

At a time when art programs are getting cut across the country, Wik wants to do more than just encourage a love of the arts within her classroom. Wik hopes to bring both an art and drama club to the school, which would be open to students in seventh to 12th grade.

Wik has just started to put her plan into action.

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After school next Thursday, students who are interested in joining the clubs will be given the opportunity to come visit with her. She hopesto be able organize two art shows a year and pair them with some kind of drama performance.

By starting with smaller drama projects such as a dinner theater or skits, she said she’ll be able to accommodate each participant without having to worry about if she’ll have enough students to cast into a larger production. She also believes it will give her the opportunity to help students hone their acting skills before asking them to take the stage in a full-length play.

She’s not sure if these skits would be performed live or recorded to be played during a potential art show or movie night event. That’s one of many details she will be ironing out as the year progresses.

“I’m still learning the ropes,” Wik admitted.

Her experience is sure to be a valuable asset. Wik has nine years of teaching experience, has worked as an assistant speech and drama coach in the past and is a board member at the Matchbox Children’s Theater in Austin, where she’s worked on several productions in roles varying from co-director, set production crew and hair and make-up.

Wik teaches kindergarten through third grade and seventh through 12th grade art class. She also has yearbook, Art II classes, which is an art appreciation class that allows students to explore different mediums, and a commercial art class.

Starting off her career as a graphic designer, Wik returned to school to receive her teaching certificate in art education. In the decade that has followed she has taught at three other schools before her journey brought her to Glenville-Emmons where her next steps may bring about new art and drama programs that could far outlast any tenure she has at the school.