Dodge County needs new leadership

Published 9:21 am Monday, November 23, 2015

It’s time for a change in leadership in Dodge County. In a recent board action, the Dodge County Board of Commissioners assessed a fee of $1,800 for prematurely starting construction of the Community Celebration Church expansion, triple the regular $600 variance fee.  Although the county was partially to blame for the delays, they stuck it to the church.

But, when a District Court judge ruled a year ago that the county was to blame for improperly permitting a swine feedlot near our farm, the feedlot was already built. The county did not stop construction of the feedlot even though there was a pending lawsuit.  The court ruled in our favor and denied the initial permit.  The Dodge County commissioners couldn’t wait to reissue the permit, and, within three weeks, they scheduled a special meeting for this one feedlot, reissued a second permit AND waived the $500 permit fee.

The current leadership in the county is an embarrassment to the citizens of Dodge County.  It’s time for a change in Dodge County — where people, not pigs, come first.

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Lowell Trom

Blooming Prairie