Honor homeland peacekeepers

Published 10:59 am Tuesday, November 24, 2015

They are here with us in our communities. They are honorable, dedicated individuals who serve us every day. They are the law enforcement support staff and patrol officers who play a vital role in protecting us every day. In this month of giving thanks, please include these individuals, our hometown peacekeepers, in your thoughts and honor them by thanking them for their service.

These individuals live here with us in our communities. Each day, they hug their spouses and children, put on their bullet-proof vests and go to work — putting their lives on the line — to serve and to protect us. They made that choice when they chose their profession, when they chose to be our law enforcement peacekeepers and protectors. These are dedicated and honorable individuals who are deserving of our respect and thanks. Because of their dedication and service, we are safe — right here, in the communities where we live. I am extremely humbled and thankful to you all for your service.


Yuriel Justin

Albert Lea area