My ode to a city called Albert Lea

Published 2:38 pm Saturday, November 28, 2015

They grow pot holes in Albert Lea,

just drive on Bridge Ave. and you’ll see.

The tires on the cars go thumpity-thump-thump,

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the people in those cars go bumpity-bump-bump.

Now I don’t know if those holes will ever be fixed,

the reactions of the people are often mixed.

It seems they want the traffic to go real slow,

that’s what I’m guessing, I really don’t know.

Burt, drive on Bridge Ave. and you’ll see,

the bumpy old ride that puzzles me.

Why the people in Albert Lea aren’t insisting,

that their city council members quit resisting.

Fixing a road that needs repair,

but then again, I thought I’d share.

My thoughts are with you so when we next meet,

It’ll probably be on that bumpy old street!


A. Gordon Johnson

ALHS class of 1954

Granbury, Texas