What good have Syrians done?

Published 9:48 am Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A bunch of foreigners fleeing oppression want to come here? What kind of country do they think this is, a multi-cultural nation of immigrants?

I mean, it would be different if our interventionist foreign policy had destabilized the region these people were living in and helped cause their displacement in the first place, but COME ON!

You know, it’s not like we waged a war of choice in their back yards and created a power vacuum that was filled by crazy militants that now torture and kill them and their children.

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I mean, sure, if any of that was the case we might consider ourselves at least partly responsible to maybe help a little with, I suppose, a very small percentage of the suffering, but really!

I will tell you right now; there is NO WAY I will support the federal government just halting their current plans to feed all our children, provide for all our veterans and eliminate homelessness just to let some Syrian refugees come here! What good have Syrians coming here ever done us, other then Steve Jobs, that is.

This whole situation just makes me CAPITAL LETTERS and extra PUNCTUATION-ey!

Excuse me while I share some more nonsense with my social media accounts and maybe tag some of my church group friends.

The end.


Brian Anderson

Albert Lea