Islamic State is achieving its goals in Europe

Published 9:48 am Wednesday, December 2, 2015

One does not have to be a foreign policy expert or a rocket scientist to see that the Islamic State is accomplishing its goal in Europe: the complete destabilization of that continent’s political, economic and social structure.

Germany has stopped receiving these thousands of Syrian refugees. France is already overwhelmed by past Muslim migrations. Hungary, Italy, Greece, Serbia and Austria are at their maximum pressure points. Tensions among members of the European Union with regard to this past Greek sovereign-debt restriction are now exacerbated by this human transmigration.

Vast cultural, religious and linguistic disparities between these refugees and their host populations will give rise to fervent nationalism throughout these recipient nations. There will be no work for these refugees. Social welfare infrastructures within these nations will collapse.

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A 21st century style of neo-Nazi fascism will surge throughout Germany; indeed the seeds for this movement and its associated dislocation are being planted right now.

The obvious solution to this refugee invasion is to go to the Middle East core to deal with and defeat the Islamic State once and for all. Yet the world community continues with its inability to subjugate these forces, and this Muslim brotherhood continues without abatement its territorial expansion. Because of this, the refugee invasion into Europe will continue.

Get ready for the ensuing European conflagration and the rise of its next dictator. The prospects for such now loom as threatening as a 50,000-foot cumulonimbus formation on a near-distant horizon.


Paul Westrum

Albert Lea