Muslims must decide if they’re for freedom

Published 4:52 pm Saturday, December 19, 2015

Just how STUPID do our leaders think we are? Donald Trump made, what I believe, was a very realistic statement. “Put a hold on all Muslims emigrating to America until our Congress can come up with a system of screening that will prevent radical Muslims from slipping into America.” Trump was viciously vilified by members of both political parties and the liberal media for his comments.

I am not a Trump supporter, but as I watched the media and the leaders in the Republican Party castigate him for saying what is common sense, I am being swayed.

It is time that both political parties stop bickering and acknowledge the fact that the free world is at war with radical Islam. We are not fighting a country, but an ideology. An ideology that is spreading around the world like a wildfire, one who’s believers are willing to die for. Because our leaders refuse to work together, we are losing this war on every front. This should not be a political issue. Our way of life is at stake!

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Perhaps, we can not exclude emigrants because of religion. But we sure can exclude emigrants from countries providing safe haven and funding for terrorists. I would immediately close our borders to everyone from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and any other country that supports or provides safe harbor to terrorists.

I would terminate all foreign and military aid to the above countries unless they actively join the effort to crush this movement. We must provide humanitarian aid and protection for those in refugee camps.

I would instigate an emergency program to identify and deport all individuals all who have overstayed their visas. We need to begin aggressively profiling suspected potential terrorists and their places of worship in this country.

Our open border policy must change. Any politician that supports open borders must be removed from office.

If all the above sounds extreme, it is meant to be. If we accept the concept that we are at war with an enemy determined to kill and subjugate us, extreme measures become plausible.

Most Muslims are not radical but, by their silence, they are complicit. Until moderate Muslims speak out and actively assist in an effort to identify and eradicate the radical butchers among us, all must be viewed with suspicion. I understand their fear of retribution, but they must decide are they for freedom or against it. There is no middle ground.


Don Sorensen

Albert Lea