Sales team members receive additional training

Published 9:54 am Monday, December 21, 2015

Several members of WFS’s sales team received additional training with United Suppliers. - Provided

Several members of WFS’s sales team received additional training with United Suppliers. – Provided

WFS announced that 22 members of their sales team have completed an intensive 2-day training with United Suppliers’ SUSTAIN platform, furthering their commitment to help farmers’ succeed.

SUSTAIN, developed and deployed by United Suppliers, combines a set of proven, effective technologies, practices and products that improve nutrient use efficiency and reduce soil erosion while enhancing productivity.

“SUSTAIN brings the right tools and resources to increase farm fertilizer efficiency, which in turn improves the health of the soil, water and local community resources,” said WFS CEO Todd Ludwig. “This is the future of production agriculture and will help farmers demonstrate to the general public that they are committed to protecting our environment.”

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SUSTAIN combines leading, highly effective and field tested tools, technologies, and practices that are proven to help farmers improve nutrient use efficiency, soil health, and productivity.

According to a press release, farmers participating in SUSTAIN will work with WFS’ highly-trained field marketing staff to bring the latest knowledge and science to the field in ways that are practical, usable, and effective in improving crop management for economic benefit and reduced risk.

“The demand for nutrient optimization tools is at an all-time high,” noted Matt Carstens, vice president of United Suppliers. “We care about the long-term success of the locally controlled ag retailers and their customers. This means we strive to provide resources for our retailers to help customers to maintain their land for future generations. The SUSTAIN platform helps improve productivity and input efficiency while building soil health and enhancing stewardship of natural resources.”